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Aquafadas SDK Packages

The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System Software Development Kits are for developers, creative agencies, systems integrators, enterprise customers and other organizations who need a custombuilt app or publication, or wish to integrate Aquafadas technology into an existing app.

How are the SDKs different from AppFactory?


The Aquafadas SDKs are development frameworks that allow you to create custom container apps for your content or integrate existing apps with our InDesign authoring plugin and Aquafadas Cloud Connect. Design the interface for your app’s store or library, or eliminate them altogether and bundle your content into a seamless app package.

The SDK packages are designed to significantly reduce development time of apps compared to conventional development methods.


What can our SDK packages do for you?

With our SDKs, developers and system integrators are able to:

The SDK packages are sold as an annual license and can be used to develop an unlimited number of applications. Because we use the SDKs ourselves to develop our apps and reading technology, we are constantly improving them—making them a robust and proven set of development tools.


SDK Components

Our SDKs include native frameworks written in Objective-C that are pre-compiled and run on the iOS simulator and iOS devices, as well as documentation and sample applications that illustrate the various functions of the SDK packages.

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