XB83 Studio

Website design, Logo and Branding.

The client

XB83 Studio are a Swiss web development company. When it came to redesigning their own website they invited me to work alongside their in-house team to design their new user interface. Having already designed their logo I was more than happy to get involved.

The brief

The team asked me to create a website that would represent their business in a professional manner while having a fun, illustrated style.

The solution

Together we created a simple one page website based around the theme of “building for the web” that outlines the company’s principle areas of activity. The site contains a visual list of previous clients, “meet the team” section plus the usual contact and social media links. Javascript is used to reveal extra information when required thus simplifying the initial layout. The site also features a set of illustrated characters that I created especially for the project.

XB83 Studio - Website

Website homepage.

XB83 Studio - Contact page

Contact window.